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Supporting partners

Introduction by ​Marvin Rees,
Mayor of Bristol.

As the Mayor of Bristol, I have acknowledged that Race Equality is a fundamental right and therefore discrimination and disadvantage related to race and ethnicity must be addressed.

I have established and endorsed the Bristol Commission on Race Equality and I support their approach.

They will work to:

  • Operate at the heart of Bristol's institutions to advance and prioritise race equality to achieve an inclusive cohesive, thriving and representative city.

  • Influence the City, Sub-regional and Regional leaders, particularly in the development of policy and strategy, practices along with the allocation of resources.

  • Uphold the Bristol Race Equality manifesto objectives in holding organisations, whether public, private or voluntary, to account by scrutinising progress on race equality and the general impact on the BME communities of Bristol.

  • Increase the power, representation and influence of BME people in the operation of the City and, where necessary sub-region and regional institutions.

  • Ensure the effective engagement of BME communities in the life of the City and, where necessary, the Sub-region and the Region.

    I ask city partners to become involved and contribute to the commission’s work in the city.



Marvin Rees

Mayor of Bristol



We have a vision of a city where equality of opportunity for BME people is a reality. Where all are valued and can fulfil their hopes and aspirations in an inclusive, safe and empowering environment. A city that rejects injustice and inequality and works collaboratively to build thriving, strong and cohesive communities.




Desmond Brown


Desmond is the founder,director, and driving force behind Growing Futures UK C.I.C

Meet The Commissioners

Meet all the 


Sandra Gordon

Vice Chair

My working career started as an admin assistant and I worked my way up through the ranks to Head of site running my own Call Centre. 

Veron Dowdy

Vice Chair

Born in the 60’s and Grew up in London (Hackney) I started in voluntary sector in 1986 working with young homeless.

Asher Craig

Asher has over 30 years experience as a community activist, leader, management consultant and now local politician. 





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