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We are now taking applications to join our Community Initiatives Funding Priority Group

The role

We are looking for six people with the passion and experience to contribute to this critically important issue, whilst also having the time and talent to implement actions pro-bono. This group will combine:


• Insight into the local VCSE sector and the specific challenges related to social enterprise development; 

• The ability to formulate a successful and engaging long-term strategy;

• A network of donor contacts and the skills to successfully fundraise; and

• The ability the communicate the work of the One City Funds and disseminate the lessons learned


The members of the Community Initiatives FPG will: 


1. Clearly identify where additional funding is needed to achieve systematic change which will benefit local people and communities across the city;

2. Work with the City Funds Board to set the fundraising strategy and create an engaging and focused fundraising campaign;

3. Work with Quartet and Bristol and Bath Regional Capital to devise the grant/investment guidelines for Community Initiatives funding; 

4. Use professional and other networks, proactively engaging existing projects/enterprises that could become City Funds applicants, providing details to the City Funds business development team as necessary;

5. Use sector knowledge to proactively ideate new project/enterprise ideas that could fulfil Community Initiatives outcomes, convening sector stakeholders around these ideas to explore viability;

6. Recommend City Funds applicants to the governing board, including a recommendation on the suggested mix of grant, investment, asset and other support. Ensure distribution of funds is accomplished in an efficient, transparent, and accountable manner; 

7. Ensure that Community Initiatives FPG activities are aligned with the outcomes established in the One City Plan and provide a mechanism for regular review. Recommend governance revisions to the Governing Board as necessary;

8. Ensure that Community Initiatives FPG activities promote collaborative and inclusive co-design with relevant client groups, communities and end users; and

9. Report back to the Governing Board on a quarterly basis regarding progress in meeting strategic targets and provide an annual report to the Governing Board.


Being a member of the Funding Priority Group will be a unique opportunity to develop insight into the city, expand professional networks and contribute towards transforming the VCSE sector in Bristol and, through that, the lives of thousands of our citizens. We are looking for people who can commit to the FPG for a minimum of 2 years, with potential to extend.